Vision & Mission


Through our knowledge, commitment and partnerships we aim to be a world class partner delivering innovative scientific and clinical solutions. Our goal is to provide the best quality early stage clinical development services to an international customer base of generic, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies with a focus on customer service. We will achieve this by continuously looking for ways to improve our customer relationships and range of services and by creating an environment that provides value for our customers, respect for our participants, returns for our shareholders and growth for our employees.


EMULATE global research standards

ELUCIDATE the potency of molecules

EXPEDIATE the process of dicovery


To be ethical, honest and transparent in all we do.

To commit ourselves to the highest levels of scientific and operational excellence.

To practice the highest degree of professionalism by encompassing attributes such as accountability, reliability and customer focus.


  • Our mission is to provide outstanding quality, on-time delivery, and exceptional customer service to our research partners.
  • The mission of VSCRH is to be the premier, scientifically and medically based, international, healthcare research and development Service Company, and to build value for our clients, partners, and their stakeholders.
  • Commitment to scientific excellence to support the approval and reimbursement of life saving therapies
  • At VSCRH, we make a difference by collaborating in life sciences to improve the lives of others.