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We intend to harness talent from the fields of Biotechnology, Allopathic Medicine, Indian Medicine, Pharma companies and Information Technology to provide expertise in safe biomedical research encompassing ethics, regulations, Good Clinical Practice, GLP and GMP. High standards will be maintained in skill developments, to prepare aspirants to conduct Research and Document all data in E formats i.e. I.E, CRF and prepare submissions for FDA approval to Govt. of India and other regulatory agencies in Japan, Europe. Our cherished goal is to transform aspirants into domain experts and achieve an excellent career growth to improve bio-economy of India.

The result is our success !

Thoughts are the gun !!

The words are the bullets !!!

Deeds are the targets!!

The bulls eye is heaven !!! - DONGHORTEN

We walk the path of courage to attain high ethical standard, it is the need of the hour for our country.