The training division at VSCRH proposes to become a nationwide recognized finishing school in the field of Medical, Biomedical and allied sciences aiding in providing trained manpower to the budding Industry.

The training division is ready to promote, connect, develop, transform knowledge and support bio-medical research to empower human resource in this field. Through this division, we aim to address the talent deficit by developing Industry ready human capital for the Biosciences sector and enable global competitiveness of the sector.

The Programs offered here aim to empower the Biosciences and Biomedical graduates with advanced learning and industrial proficiency through job-skills development essential to build a promising career in the industry. Rigorous academic learning and industrial training help our students acquire knowledge, experience and skills to realize their professional aspirations.

If India is to emerge as a Bioeconomy by 2025, we will need to ensure that we have the right quality of talent in the country. The Bio-graduates in India need to be trained effectively to make them industry ready where they can partake in the journey of transforming India through the power of biology.

Through this division, VSCRH aims to offer a world-class learning opportunity in Biosciences for the Biosciences and Biomedical graduates which will enhance their proficiency and will enable them to pursue a rewarding career in this sector.

The key features of our training division include:

  • Experienced and expertised faculty
  • Hands – on research experience
  • Wifi enabled classrooms
  • Paper publication assistance
  • Placement assistance
  • Fully airconditioned facilities
  • Competitive learning atmosphere

Through its networking with academic institutions, the division provides the following in the field of Clinical Research, Medical, Biomedical and Allied Services.

  • PhD programs
  • Certificate Training programs
  • Academic dissertations
  • Diploma programs
  • Internships